Grace Nidiritu

Grace Nidiritu is an international visual artist. At the age of 22 she was taught art in Amsterdam by British film director Steven Rodney "Steve" McQueen. In 2009 her art had entered into the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection in New York, gaining a place in Phaidon's The 21st Century Art Book published in 2014. In 2014 she was named one of the ten most important and influential artists under 40 by Apollo Magazine.In 2012, she took the decision to spend time only in the city when necessary, and to otherwise live in rural, alternative and often spiritual communities, while expanding her research into nomadic lifestyles and training in esoteric studies such as shamanism, which she began over 16 years ago. Her ideas between the rural and urban have been documented in Whitechapel Gallery's publication: Documents of Contemporary Art: The Rural (2019) MIT Press Ndiritu has also written Dissent Without Modification, a Post-hippie, Skate, Surf, Street, Neo-Tribal Fashion book on youth culture, which has inspired her PAY WHAT YOU CAN fashion and economic research project COVERSLUT©. Founded by Grace Ndiritu in 2018, the fashion brand focuses on issues of democracy, race and class politics.

Caitlin Griffiths

For a number of years my existing practice of video, text and performance has been rooted in the idea of identity being created through a process of exchange. This is both through our interaction with other people (external exchange) and our recalled experiences and memories (internal exchange). I have worked in partnership with neuroscientists and psychologists as well as actors, clairvoyants and those who experience alter identities, in order to make sense of how our mental narrative s and internal voices create us, while at the same time being created by us. This has previously manifested in my video and performance works in which I exchange and reconfigure voices.

My recent interest in Quantum Physics has come via the identity politics of Judith Butler to Karen Barad and then to Nobel Prize winning physicist Niels Bohr. Starting from Bohr’s Copenhagen Interpretation which theorized that reality is only summoned into existence through the act of looking at it, my current work aims to draw parallels between observation theory and identity formation.

David Curtis Ring

David Curtis Ring is a London based artist, set designer and art director, working in them areas of fashion, film and performance. Since graduating from Goldsmiths in 2008 with a BA in Fine Art Textiles, he has gone on to create sets, costumes and props that have been shot by leading photographers Nick Knight, Jack Davison and Dan Tobin Smith. A background in art and theatre has given rise to a practice that is both rich in concept and diverse in craftsmanship. With a strong interest in blurring the lines between sculpture, performance and moving image. David’s approach to designing is both hands on and intuitive with a strong attention to detail and a focus upon the handmade. Art direction and set design credits include work with Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, Sinead O'Connor, Stephen Hawking and acclaimed stylists Robbie Spencer and Ibrahim Kamara. In 2012 David first collaborated with three times 'British Menswear Designer of the Year ' Craig Green . He continues to work with the brand creating sculptures for catwalk, campaigns and installations. Other credits include window design and installations for Harrods, Selfridges, Dover Street Market and Browns, work for Mathew Bourne, Converse, Playstation , GQ Style and Lacoste.

Emma Bowen

Emma Bowen studied Art at Cadburys. She then studied a 1 year Foundation at Chelsea, London and then onto Central, Saint Martins, London (where I went).
She is an artist, educator and Freelance producer. She used to work for the Arts Council in administration and then within the Ikon Gallery Birmingham as an
educator and also organise workshops with staff and artists, etc. she is now freelance, running family workshops at Bilston Craft Gallery Perry Common Library etc (she is also a potter)

Maryam Wahid

Maryam Wahid studies Photography at Cadbury College, then achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Photography at BCU. Maryam Wahid (b. 1995) is an award winning freelance artist Using the art of photography, Wahid’s work explores her identity as a British Pakistani Muslim woman She expresses the origins of the Pakistani community in her hometown Birmingham (UK) by exploring her deeply rooted family history; and the mass integration of migrants within the United Kingdom. Her academic background in Art, Photography and Religious Studies alongside her fascination in cultural cognition and religious ideologies have progressively influenced her work. Her work is autobiographical but delves into human experiences and existence today. She is keen to photograph the complexity of places around the world and the places people call home. Maryam has been commissioned to create photographs for The Guardian, The Financial Times, Manchester Metropolitan University and The People’s Picture, among others.She is currently based in the UK but will travel anywhere her camera takes her Education BA First Class (Hons) in Photography, Birmingham City University, 2018.

Daniel Yeomans

Daniel Yeomans was born in Bedford 1986, and spent his childhood living just below the Malvern hills, nearly always with a pencil in hand, and it was probably also here, that his love for nature and the outdoors began. Then moving to the Midlands and studying Art at college, along with Design & Media. A fascination for travel impelled a move to the Swiss Alps, aged 20, to live and work where he remained for 5 years, until eventually deciding to pursue his career as an artist. He studied at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence , where he trained using a technique known as ‘sight size’ favoured by many of the masters such as Velasquez & Van Dyck . Receiving a scholarship in his 2nd year enabled him to remain for another year as a teacher/studio assistant whilst continuing his studies. In keeping with his training, Daniel continues to paint from life under natural light, and has a purpose built studio. After starting his career in Wales Daniel has Recently moved to Fribourg in Switzerland where he works and lives. Accepting commissions all over, continually expands Daniel’s following which now sees his works hanging in private, and public collections throughout Europe, Asia & America.

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